About Us

Dialed in Golf Solutions is a Florida-based company working to change the way people view the wonderful game of golf. We work to provide unforgettable experiences with our pop-up golf facilities that will engage players of all ages and skill levels.

As a company, our passion for golf shows in our business goals – aiming to make the game of golf accessible, fun, and memorable. Choose from a variety of different options for your event, including portable mini golf, golf simulators, waterfront driving rangers, or Trackman events.

Our golf simulators utilize drone mapping technology to recreate some of the most sought-after golf courses in the world, with stunning detail and high-definition graphics that will take you to the course, without you ever leaving your event. We optimize installation for your unique event location to create life-like experiences for you and your clients.

Planning an event on the water? Dialed in Golf Solutions partners with Maryland-based Splash City Golf to bring its waterfront golfing concept to Florida. We provide a floating target, clubs for players of all ages, and the staff to manage your experience with absolute professionalism. Whether you’re at a waterfront festival, a weekend getaway on the beach, or out 

on your luxury yacht, we bring our waterfront driving range to you so you can enjoy the game of golf out on the water.

Along with our state-of-the-art pop-up facilities, we offer our Trackman Experience for golf tournaments that includes key analytics on swing and ball flight data for players of all ages and skill levels. Compare your golf swing side-by-side to professional golfers and prepare for serious improvement in your game. Increase the stakes with fun competitions and games that you and your friends can play together, complete with leaderboards that keep the competition friendly and engaging.

Dialed in Golf Solutions strives for professionalism and integrity in our business. We pride ourselves on our ability to streamline your experience, providing superior service and ultimate customer-guest satisfaction at every event.


Dialed in Golf Solutions aims to innovate entertainment by providing pop-up golf facilities for all locations. From corporate events to trade shows and social events, we bring the great game of golf to you with our state-of-the-art, pop-up golf facilities. We pride ourselves on our utmost professionalism as a company.


Dialed in Golf Solutions imagines a world where the game of golf is accessible, fun, and enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels. We believe that golf should be a social game, bringing people together for an entertaining activity at any event. From corporate parties to trade shows, you can count on Dialed in Golf Solutions to provide our services with the utmost professionalism. We stand behind our service.



We strive for absolute professionalism in all we do. You can count on us to be reliable, courteous, and helpful – for the most enjoyable golf experience.


We stand behind our values as a company, placing an emphasis on transparency and trustworthiness.

Customer Satisfaction

Dialed in Golf Solutions works hard to exceed the expectations of our customers on all fronts – from customer service to the execution of your experience.


We consistently re-evaluate our business practices to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, as well as working towards developing more options, more services, and more ways to enjoy the game of golf.


Not only do we stand behind our quality guarantee in customer service, but we stand behind the quality of our equipment and our facilities.


We strive to make golf an accessible game for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a professional seeking a fun, new experience, Dialed in Golf Solutions has a game plan for you.

Meet our Advisory Board

Brandon Ledford

SVP of a national, public-sector consulting firm

Clemmie Perry

Executive Director and Founder of Women of Color Golf and Girls on the Green Tee

James Poulter

CEO Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation

Megan Younkman

2022-2023 LPGA Top 50 Teacher

Dr. Jiovanni Pabilonia

CHIROPRACTOR pittsburgh spine & rehab

Javier Ramirez

Founder and Leader of Agile CFOs

Richard Chun

VP Operations at Ameri-Dent Dental Laboratory

Brittany Grant

Marketing Consultant and Owner

Billy Oosting

Sr Golf Sales Manager at Innisbrook Resort

Damien Munnigs

VP Ferreri Search

Shane Smith, PhD

Entrepreneur/Director Jim Moran Institute

Angela Tisdale

Co-Owner Ultimate Stumping Ground


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