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The Ultimate Golf Tournament Experience

DiGS provides PGA-level on the course video, swing and ball flight analysis that doesn’t slow down pace of play. Each golfer plays the hole as normal and receives carry  distance, estimated total distance, ball speed and club speed in a matter of seconds. 

Our tournament service is an attractive option to sponsors. Leading up to, and preceding each event, golfer’s repeatedly view sponsor logos on all DIGS communication and user experience reports.
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Each player receives a report with the following information:

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Reward your golfers

Personal Follow Up
Memorable Moments

Reward Your Sponsors

Golfers are:

Influential, Informed & Successful

$ 50 K
average household income
0 %
are business owners
$ 700 K
average net worth
50 %
are homeowners
0 %
are top level management


Make it personal with targeted emails to golfers

• Event Name & Logo
• Customized text section
• Link to golfers’ personal report
• Main sponsor section
• Additional sponsors


Hook golfers with memorable moments

• Tie them to your brand and business
• Share and trigger demand 
• Increase sponsor exposure and reach

social media

360 social media marketing

• Mentions and tags starting two weeks prior to the event 
• Live posting throughout the event
• Mentions, tags, videos and photos post event


Your brand, our quality service

• Takes the pressure off of you
• Boost the visibility of your brand
• Attract more clients

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